no credential found in mobile app


You must have at least one 2.0 (B version) Engage device commissioned to that Engage site to have access to the Mobile Credential field. NDEB or LEB or CTEB.
The NDE80 locks do not support remote UnLock commands.  You would need to interface to a 3rd party Access Control System.
Issue: “Credential Error” when trying to use Schlage Mobile Credential on iOS or Android. Resolution: Follow this guide to resolve issues with Schlage Mobile Credential errors: ...
If the ISONAS Pure Mobile application is uninstalled then reinstalled on iOS, the Device ID will be renewed thus the credential will need to be re-enrolled. On Android the ID i...
No, it will only work on 1 site. It will let them add it, but it will only work on the last one added.
No, you cannot. You will have to present each credential one at a time.
Make sure the user does NOT have the mobile credential installed first. If they do, delete the app first.  Click on the link you will get once the phone number has been added to Engage.&...