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Price Books are not available for public viewing. Please contact your local sales representative or distributor for price request.
Most locks will have a standard door range they will install on, but occasionally customers will want to use them on thicker doors.  In order to do so, the extended door thickne...
L9040 locks WITHOUT indicator uses an emergency tool available in the price book, L583-233.L9040 locks WITH an indicator requires a small flat blade screwdriver.
The L583-233 emergency key spindle length is 1.575"The L583-233 emergency key will operate on a door thickness up to 3" extended equally. 
Conversion chart listed here. 
The L9000 lock can be ordered for doors greater than 1 3/4" thick.  The allowable door thickness is dependent on the L lock function and how the lock is extended.  All locks for exte...
The standard L9000 lock can be ordered for thin doors (1 3/8") and the appropriate parts will be shipped.  The LV9000, L400, LM9000, Anti-Ligature, and N escutcheon trims a...