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There are two flat lip strike options: Specify XQ02-309 for a 10-013 strike - specify 7/8" Specify XQ07-351 for a 10-025 strike - specify 7/8"
You can replace the 6210 spring and lip, part number 050940-00.
The L-Series standard strike is the 10-072 and the available lip lengths are listed below.  7/8"  (Flat or straight lip) 1" 1 3/16" (Standard for 1 3/4" doors)  1 1/2" 1 3/4" 2" over 2" up...
Lip length refers to the dimension from the centerline of the strike screw holes to the edge of the lip.  See the attached as lip length depends on door handing and thickness, Extended Lip Str...
Lip length is calculated using the following formulas:
Strike Prep, 4 7/8" ASA Door Strike Prep with lip @ 48" above bottom of frame; ANSI A115.2, Door Strike Prep
Drywall Throat Fillers are used when wall thickness is between 1/8” (3mm) to 1/4” (6mm) less than the frame throat dimension, throat filler section(s) can be used to fill the gap, assuring the prop...
Strike Prep, 2 3/4" Door Strike Prep with lip located @ 60? above bottom of frame; ANSI A115.2, Door Strike Prep