nd lockset functions


Conversion kits are available to convert many popular functions.Conversion kits manufactured on or after January 30, 2017 will have the new enhanced ND spring cage, lever, plunger and buttonCo...
For all available ND Series Conversion Kit part numbers, click here.
ND82PD (ANSI F87) Institution Lock  Both levers fixed. Entrance by key in either lever.
ND93PD (ANSI F88) Vestibule LockLatch retracted by key from outside when outside lever is disengaged by key in inside lever. Inside lever is always unlocked.  ND95PD (ANSI F110) Classroom Securit...
To convert from a ND95 to a ND75 remove the outside keycam and replace it with the N123-009 keycam.
Swapping out the following parts of an ND50 will convert it to an ND53: Swap N123-028 Push button plunger for  N123-017, Push and Turn button plunger Swap N523-000, Push button for N523-001 Pus...
D73PD or ND73PD (ANSI F90) Corridor Lock    Locked or unlocked by key from outside. Push-button locking from inside. Turning inside knob/lever or closing door releases button.
The 80 (Storeroom function) operates as follows: Key retracts latch (entrance by key only)