ND lock prepped for corbin


The default backset is 2 3/4" and the latch faceplate dimensions are 1 1/8" x 2 1/4". The latch supplied is the 13-047 deadlatch and 13-048 springlatch.
ND locks can be extended up to 6" Extended Outside.  
The old D series lever lock was replaced by the ND lock in September 2003.
Only the Schlage ND-Series can be prepped to accept non-Schlage cores. All designs are supplied with the appropriate tailpiece Non-Schlage cores are NOT included Lever designs available vary d...
The letters GD, HD, BD, or BDC should be put after the lock function. EXAMPLE: ND53BD GD = Schlage SFIC core HD = Construction core BD = Less core BDC = Plastic temporary construction core
Schlage ND-Series tailpieces for extended doors are available by only two means, but are not available to order separately.   If an extended tailpiece is needed, then a complete lock ...
On August 15, 2012 Schlage began shipping ND-Series locks with a hassle free "clip" to aid with the installation of the anti-rotation plate.  This feature has been added to the hub to keep the...