ND field selectable eu/el


Procedure for the L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUThese devices have a selectable switch in the upper right corner of chassis.  Simply move the switch to ...
Procedure for the L9080EL/EU and L9082EL/EUTo modify an electrified L9000 from EU to EL or EL to EU move the link pin to the appropriate location indicated below in Figure 1.  
EL: Electrically Locked (Fail Safe), locks when power is supplied and is unlocked when there is no power. EU: Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure), unlocks when power is supplied and is locked when...
                  The Lock Case above is shown with the Simultaneous Retractor in place.