nd electrified part numbers


Beginning March 14th, 2016, the electrified ND (ND12EL/EU; ND80EL/EU; ND96EL/EU) begin shipping with a new motor driven design which does not use an AC rectifier. (CAN NOT USE AC VOLTAGE WITH ...
The new motor driven ND electrified locks shipped after March 14, 2016 do not require a solenoid. The Schlage ND-Series electrified locks shipped prior to March 14, 2016 would have used a...
There are several part numbers available: Part Number Contents 09-774 SFIC driver & Spacer N523-091 SFIC driver D500-000 Spacer
The Von Duprin EL option can be added to any existing 33A/35A, 98/99 series exit devices.