mullion for aluminium doors


The 5654 and 5754 mullions have mullion edging that accepts weatherstripping. The weatherstripping is included with both mullions and is already attached to the mullion edging on new 5654 and 57...
The 6300 electric strike won't fit on the Von Duprin aluminum mullions. The strike is too wide to fit on the flat part of the side of the aluminum mullions.
The Von Duprin electrified steel mullions, 4854 and 9854 come with a quick connector that connects the electric strike wires from the mullion to the frame through the top fitting.  ...
Aluminum mullions 5654 or 5754 are not designed to accept any electric strike including 6300 surface mounted electric strike.
Key removable option is not available for any of Von Duprin aluminum mullions.