Mounting options for closers.


The 2030 Instructions included with the unit has templates for mounting with standard butt hinges, center pivots, and offset pivots.
The Falcon SC81 series closer has a mounting hole pattern of 12" x 3/4".
The 1260 Series closers have a bolt hole (mounting pattern) of 9-1/16" horizontal x 3/4" vertical
The 4040XP, 1260/1261, 1460/1461, 4030/4031 closers have the tri-pack mounting option when ordered with an Rw/PA or Hw/PA designation.
The 2010 and 2030 closer are not the same. The 2010 Series closer uses the (larger) 4010 cylinder which requires a 4" minimum frame tube to mount in. The 2030 uses the (narrow) "Pacer" cylinder...