mounted outside ?


The LCN closers are not designed nor intended to be exterior mounted in the elements.  
Exterior mounting of the 8310-818 series actuators is not recommended. The 8310-818 series actuators are designed to be jamb mounted on the frame. With that installation, the person will have to ...
Most Panic devices are not designed for exterior applications. As with any mechanical device, exposure to the elements may affect the operation and life of the device and/or finish an...
Electric strikes are not water proof an not recommended for exterior application especially gates.
A 4040-18G drop plate will be needed to drop the closer and arm down far enough not to conflict with the GJ 90 series overhead stop.
The 4040 Rw/PA can be mounted 3 different ways. The 4040-18 drop plate is used for the regular pull side mount. The 4040-18TJ drop plate is used for the top jamb push side mount. The 4040-18P...