monarch exit device cross


The Falcon Monarch 18-R-EO device can be converted in the field to the 18-R-L by purchasing three parts. The following items are required to convert the device.  812L or 816L lever tri...
There is not a chart that shows which sex bolts are required for Von Duprin or Falcon/Monarch exit devices.
Falcon Monarch 24 series exit devices replaced the 17 Series exit devices. Falcon Monarch 25 series exit devices replaced the 18 Series exit devices.
"BA" stands for basic assembly or what is now referred to as Exit Only(EO)
 The Falcon Monarch 718C and the 718NL trims can be used on the 25-C exit device.  The 718C trim is listed in the Price Book for the 25 series  The instructions attache...
Falcon Monarch XX series trims will work with Monarch 18 series exit devices.
The "904H" is a UL Panic label that is placed on the centercase of the Falcon/Monarch Panic device.
Yes, part numbers for Falcon electric latch retraction EL conversion kits are as follows: 650147 for a 3' device. 650148 for a 4' device.