minimum stile guidlines


The minimum recommended Stile measurement is 5” to allow proper mounting of the AD and CO series locks.
The minimum stile and rail dimensions are to exposed glass are: Stiles = 6 13/16" Top Rails = 6 3/4" Center Rails = 7 1/2" Bottom Rail = 10 3/4" For high traffic and high abuse locations th...
Minimum dimensions to cutouts for glass lights: Vertical edge of door to edge of cutout = 5 29/32" Top of door to top of cutout = 6" Bottom of door to bottom of cutout = 10" Reinforcing chann...
Depending on the door construction the minimum stile may differ but a safe dimension would be 4-3/4".  CUSTOMER must check door construction. The pocket depth requirements of the case is 4 1/2".