max height for extension rods


 8827 vertical rod device is available for 7 or 8 feet tall door standard. 12", 24", 36" and 48" extension rod kits are available for taller doors (8 feet max on fire rated openings). We do no...
A standard device mounted at standard templating location will fit up to a 8'4" tall door. Extension rods for non fire rated devices over 10' are available and can be found in&nbs...
The 9927 installed on a 7'1" door requires a 12" extension rod
The extension rod could be used either on the top or bottom rods.
Up to 8' replace the top rod with part # 4270100018. 
From 8' to 9' use the part # 4270100172 extension rod kit
From 9' to 10' use part # 4270100197 extension rod kit.