main power adjustment


LCN started putting on the green dials for the spring adjustment on the 4041's in 2001.
Mechanical pre-loading of spring to adjust closing force
How to:  What are the steps to adjust a door closer?Facts: All LCN and FALCON door closers will have 3 regulating valves and a spring adjustment.  All closers with a "Delay" feature ...
power adjustment, spring adjustment
The 4630/4640 Series operator is designed/recommended for a door that will see mostly manual traffic with the occasion automatic/ handicap operation.
All the 2030 series closer have a fixed spring sizes. Example -- a 2031 has a size 1 spring,  a 2302 has a size 2 spring, 2033/2034/2035 etc. All the 2030 series closer are shipped at the weakest s...