lock lite clearance


The blue lever tool remover, 24002693, is not shipped in every box. The existing wire spring lever removal tool will be included in every box.  
The lever removal tool can be used to remove levers in both the ND and the L Series mortise locks.
On August 15, 2012 Schlage began shipping a new, more ergonomic, lever removal tool to coincide with Phase 1 of the ND-Series improvement project.  This tool can be used for Schlage ND-Series ...
First, take wire in shape of 9 and pop off interior door knob or lever. Second, take a flat nose screwdriver and pop off the decorative trim. Lastly, you will see the screws and be able to remove l...
typically this indicates a critically low battery, or a wrong code has been entered.  Change batteries and/or verify codes from programming sticker.  
For cross bores less than 2 1-8" we may need to remove the metal spacer to install the lock. Please follow the steps below.  Step 1. remove the screw that holds the spacer in place. Ste...