lm series mortise locks parts


On May 1, 2013 the LM9000 lock was discontinued and replaced with the LM9300 Multipoint Lock. 
The LM9000 mortise lock, door with pre-assembled vertical rods, and frame all ship separately.  The soffit latch, bottom strike, and latch release will ship with the mortise lock, not the...
The part number is the 09-402, specify the design and finish.
Schlage does offer rabbetted latch and strike kit: Part number, 39-030, for cylindrical locks and deadbolts.  Part number, 10-075, for the L9000 mortise locks. Monarch does not offer rabbette...
Inside knob and bushing: 09-402 plus design and finishOutside knob: 09-401 plus design and finish
The springcage part number is L283-040.
Falcon is reintroducing the lever return spring for the discontinued Falcon M mortise series.  Effective November 1, 2014 the lever return spring is now available for purchase with a list pric...
The Schlage L-Series mortise lock spindle and spring part number can be found in the Table 1.     Spindles and Springs   Part Number  Description  L283-060 Spindle and spring, 1...
Only the lever return spring is available.
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