lfic driver nd


Schlage ND-Series tailpieces for extended doors are available by only two means, but are not available to order separately.   If an extended tailpiece is needed, then a complete lock ...
There are several part numbers available: Part Number Contents 09-774 SFIC driver & Spacer N523-091 SFIC driver D500-000 Spacer
The ND-Series FSIC driver is part number N523-127.
In 2002 the Schlage AL-Series underwent a design change that affected the spring cage, driver, and plastic insert.  Spring cage and driver replacements for AL locks manufactured before this design ...
The Schlage full size interchangeable core (FSIC) prepped B560F, B561F, and B563F deadbolts all require a UL fire cup (R) in order to be UL listed.  This fire cup is s...
The small format core throw member for the AL locks is C604-381.
Q330-168 SFIC Tailpiece (throw member for levers) Q330-169 SFIC Tailpiece (throw member for knobs)