Less bottom rod exit devices


Installation should be 6" from bottom of the door. See attached templates as reference.  T-5494 for HM Doors W-5494 for Wood Doors
Hardware falling off a door is caused by one or all of the following issues: Field abuse Improper internal reinforcements in the door Improper field preparation The top or bottom rod case can...
To add the bottom rod and latches on 8827LBR it requires Bottom Rod Kit part #050455-XX 8827 Rod Guide Kit part #50482-XX 8827 LR Bottom Latch Kit W/Cover part #050467-XX 304L Bottom Strike
The 6111 electric strike can be used only on non rated openings less bottom rod with pullman top latch (use ES prefix when ordering device). Device back set will change to match the centerline of t...
Not for use in fire rated openings.
The Von Duprin 2227 or 2227-F  exit device is available less bottom rod.  Specify 2227-LBR or 2227F-LBR for fire.
The top rod is required for proper operation.  The top latch controls both the top & bottom rods and without the top latch/rod the bottom latch would release when pushpad or trim was used but then ...
The 8827L-LBR panic only, not fire rated can be ordered LBR.
The 8827 cannot be ordered Less Bottom Rod, but can be installed without the bottom rod.  The device was never tested without the bottom rod, that is why it cannot be ordered LBR.