lcn weight limit


The maximum recommended door weight for LCN closers is 225 lbs.
  The regulation valves are designed to adjust the flow the hydraulic fluid in the closer which regulates the door closing speed through various phases of the closing cycle. The regulati...
The LCN -61 Blade Stop Spacer is powder coated steel and measures 4" x 1 1/8" x 1/2" (overall dimensions).
Cam Lift hinges can only be used with LCN door closers that have a "Regular" style arm.             Manual Closers: Maximum li...
Butt hinges can be used on  doors up to 4' wide and 200 pounds.  There is no maximum door height, just need to add a hinge for every 30" or part there of over 7'.
The part number for the solenoid air valve in the 7900 Series control boxes are: 7901/ES7901 - part# 941 - marked A 7902(S)/ES7902(S) - part# 942 - (2 valves) marked A and B 7949/ES7949 - part...