lcn stronger spring power


All the 2030 series closer have a fixed spring sizes. Example -- a 2031 has a size 1 spring,  a 2302 has a size 2 spring, 2033/2034/2035 etc. All the 2030 series closer are shipped at the weakest s...
The size 6 handed closers will have the most (strongest) closing force. The 4016 (pull side), the 4026 (top jamb push side) or the 4116  (push side parallel arm)  have the highest closing force.
LCN started putting on the green dials for the spring adjustment on the 4041's in 2001.
LCN does not does not have or supply any information for the old (obsolete) "High Energy" Dor-O-Matic Sliding doors, Bi-Fold doors or Astro Swing doors. You MUST be AAADM certified to work on, or g...
Mechanical pre-loading of spring to adjust closing force
Closing force exerted by the spring inside the cylinder to close the door