lcn safety finger guard


The LCN Safety (Finger) Guard was a heavy duty vinyl product that covered the opening between the door and frame, where most hand injuries occur. The LCN 750 Safety (Finger) Guard was the pul...
If a door is being held open by the LCN SEM 7800/1900 magnet or any ME/SE Series Sentronic LCN closer, you can remotely release that door to close by ordering the following parts and wi...
Replacing the battery on the 2670 should not cause the unit stop working. Make sure the spring that provides tension on the plastic finger is not bent out. The spring should be at a 90 degrees...
4810 series is a Top Jamb Pull Side application. 4820 series is a Top Jamb Push Side application. 4840 series is a Parallel Arm Push Side application.
The 4840 and the 4810 are they only cylinders that can be interchanged, they use the same cylinder for their individual applications.
The 1038G is not a closer number, but a cylinder casting number on all the 2030 series closers or a 5030 series closers.