LCN closers made in China


2030 and 5030 are both overhead concealed closers. The 2030 uses a concealed, in the door, track, and a concealed one piece arm. The 5030 uses a exposed double lever arm (like the arm for a 401...
Neither Dor-O-Matic or LCN manufacturers a floor closer. 
The SED/MED series closers where discontinued in 2000. The SE or ME series from LCN can be used as replacements to provide a hold open feature, but will not have the smoke detector...
The LCN "Traditional" series closer line was discontinued in 1980.  
The 4040XP, 1260/1261, 1460/1461, 4030/4031 closers have the tri-pack mounting option when ordered with an Rw/PA or Hw/PA designation.
It would be unnecessary to use the CNS/Cush arm and the Glynn Johnson overhead devices in the same application, both mechanisms stop the door.