latchbolt binding for AL series lock


The AL-Series has four distinguishable parts that can help in lock identification.     1.   The AL-Series will have a castle nut holding the chassis on the ...
The AL series latches are not adjustable.
This is available, specify 41-005 for an extension link that is used with a 2 3/8" latch to effectively make a 5" backset.
Doors that may be slightly under 1 3/4" thick may experience binding.  To resolve simply remove the spindle springs and discard.  Alternative solution is to install the OSU ferrule kit (L583-347)....
THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED - See the related solution "Is a latch bolt monitor available with the Schlage mortise electrified locks?"   Latch monitoring, or LM is available as an op...
These dimensions and other general lock case dimensions can be found on template L1.