Large format driver


The 23-030 is a Schlage Full size interchangeable core. 
The "C" indicates small format IC core, which is the only core style Falcon products.  The C987 will be provided less core unless -6, or -7 suffix is specified (6 or 7 pin core) Example:...
The following size limitations per frame unit, are in enforced for welded elevation frames shipped from the factory. These limitations are in place due to the physical size of shipping tr...
The cam screw uses a T-10 and the housing screws use a T-15 driver.
The ND-Series FSIC driver is part number N523-127.
Q330-168 SFIC Tailpiece (throw member for levers) Q330-169 SFIC Tailpiece (throw member for knobs) 
Dimensions can be found here.
It is not possible to key SFIC and standard cylinders including Schlage FSIC into the same system.  A keyway name may be shared between the two key fami...