l lock template


The following templates are for the MA lock.  Use the matrix in each template for the specific function.  See here for Sectional trim . See here for Escutcheon trim. 
Schlage G Series template locate here.
 See the attached Technical Note for instructions on saving a "Device Template" FROM a device or loading TO a device, Device Template Tech NoteOn the SUS/HHD go to the LOCK Properties tab, and sele...
The Schlage L0170 is not available with the L escutcheon design because due to the narrow size you cannot fit the mounting plate underneath.  The mounting plate must sit on a "diamon...
L9066 x XL11-897 Storeroom Lock  Key in either cylinder locks or unlocks both levers. When locked, latchbolt retracted by key either side. Specify per XL11-897 with the lock function when or...
All the templates can be found at us.allegion.com   Please click here