kaba work with von duprin


 We do not do testing on other manufacturer's trims to work with Von Duprin exit devices.  You will need to contact Kaba Ilco.
There is not a K hub on the 19R or a 19V as the device uses a main cam.
The LP1000 series Kabba Simplex trim will not work with the 19 series devices.
The 25-R or 25-V device does meet the trim input requirements set by KABA for their trim so the two should be compatible.  However, the KABA trim has never been tested in house for the Fa...
The Von Duprin 6210 electric strike was designed for retrofit applications and will not work with the Falcon MA series lock when strike and lock body are mounted at standard locations (centerline o...
Yes, the current conversion kits will fit the old style/obsoleted 35 or 35 series vertical rod exit devices.