jumper setting on alk


The new exit alarm ALK uses the 24VDC regulated PS902 power supply.
There are three main failures with an ALK.  Problems are usually caused by a bad power source(battery), bad RX/LX Switch or a bad circuit board.  Try installing a new battery and wai...
No, the exit alarm ALK printed circuit board has been always green.
If the green terminal block has been broken off of the exit alarm ALK you must replace the exit alarm ALK PC board part number 101030-00.
The ALK exit alarm will sound when the exterior trim is used to enter from pull side without using access control when an LX latch bolt monitor switch is used instead of RX push bar monitor switch.
If the spring on the Von Duprin exit alarm ALK board is not located correctly as shown on the instructions, then the vibration from the horn allows the cylinder to turn and shut the exit alarm ALK ...