J- series sell


The full size interchangeable cores or FSIC from Schlage.
J lock was an old Residential product no longer supported -
The knobs are available, part numbers listed below. 01-008 for a closed knob 01-009 for open levers 01-018 for cylinder knobs, LEV lever design not available in 01-018 01-026 for FSIC Specif...
The Schlage L9000-Series with anti-ligature trim cannot be ordered less cylinder (L cylinder suffix), but can be ordered less core (BD or J cylinder suffix). The cylinder rose dimensions change bas...
Frascio is a company that provides decorative lever sets for many of Allegion products.  More information can be found on their web site at WWW.frasciointernational.com.
The PS9 power supply was discontinued.  The new exit alarm ALK can either use a 9VDC battery or 24VDC regulated power supply. There is no direct replacement for Von Duprin PS9 power supply. Cur...