hotel emergency key


Indicator not extended Indicator extended
The indicator on a cylindrical hotel lock is a small pin that projects outward from the face of the cylinder plug (Figure 1) when the inside push button is depressed.  When this pin is ...
L9485:  Latchbolt retracted by key outside or by knob/lever inside. Outside knob/lever always fixed. Deadbolt thrown or retracted by inside thumbturn.  When deadbolt is thrown, all keys become ino...
A flat head screwdriver can be used or the 35-250 emergency key.
Part numbers listed below:
The emergency keys are shipped with each lock.  The part numbers are; 61-509 standard and 61-510 large bow size.
The part number is 48-102 C, you will need to specify the cuts.
M504-271 is the emergency key used to open a locked S40.
Hotel/motel lock - Deadbolt thrown or retracted by emergency master key in upper cylinder from outside or thumbturn inside. Deadlatch retracted by key in outside knob, except when the lock is in ...
Hotel guest lock - Latch bolt operated by key from outside or by operating inside knob/lever. Outside knob/lever is always inoperative. Dead bolt projected by turn from inside and all keys except e...