Hold on switch


The 4600 hold open switch (for the new 1-24 single terminal strip I/O board) wires into terminals 2 and 6 or 4 and 6.
The 4610/4620 series operators are obsolete. There is no replacement part for any electronic component (motor/clutch, controller, input/output PC boards) for the obsolete 4610/4620 operators.Essent...
The Senior Swing has an optional (plug in) Off/Auto/Hold Open switch available. The 8310-806R (rocker switch), or 8310-806K (key switch). CANNOT use switch by others, requires a special (center - n...
The 8310-806K/R is used when a remote OFF/AUTO/HOLD OPEN is required and is normally used with a 4630/4640 CS (concealed switch) unit.
For wiring diagram see here.
The 4040 regular and hold open arms are different. You would have to get a different arm to convert from regular arm to a hold open function. 4040-3077 for a regular arm. 4040-3077L for a long ...