hm door template


The 4041 Rw/PA and the Hw/PA have the same template.  The only difference is the arm. The 4041/4040XP Hw/PA, if mounted to the 180° template, will hold the door open at 180°. Rw/PA is Regular A...
ST-1630 is required when mounting a 4041 or 4040XP door closer regular (pull/hinge) side with a concealed GJ100 or GJ410 series over head stop.
The following templates are for the MA lock.  Use the matrix in each template for the specific function.  See here for Sectional trim . See here for Escutcheon trim. 
All the templates can be found at   Please click here
The CS210 templates can be found at  Click here to find the templates.
The bore size is dependent on the function of the deadbolt.  Some functions can be installed into a 1 1/2" or 2 1/8" bore while others require 1 1/2" only.  You need to reference the dead...