hhd will not program cm locks


-         With the CIP NOT inserted and the Schlage Utility Software (SUS) running o   Enter the Master Programming PIN or Present Loc...
Yes, several HHD's can be used with a single lock, as long as the HHD's have the same Coupling Password as the lock.
The HHD coupling password is set during the lock initialization, coupling process.
When the coupling password is changed the value is stored in the HHD and once coupled to a lock, the Coupling Password is also loaded in the lock/device memory.
The Coupling Password is compared whenever an HHD is trying to adjust lock configuration settings or downloading door programming files.
When trying to program a CM lock, it may display an error code with a solid green light and 10 read flashes. This indicates the lock has already been programmed with computer software and manual pr...
In order to manually program a CM lock, there must be a keypad on the reader. If there is not keypad on the reader, then the CM lock can't be manually programmed. Refer to the Schlage 1000 user pro...