Glynn johnson overhead with continuous hinge


There is not a conflict between the 4041/4040XP EDA door closer and the GJ 100 or 410 overhead concealed series stops.  The exception is:  the 4041/4040XP mounted on a drop plate, and the Glynn Jo...
Fire labels (UL, ITS/WHI or FM) are located as follows: Butt Hinges and Pivots: On the doors the fire label is located on the hinge edge between the top and 2nd hinge preparation. On the fram...
The standard gap between a pair of doors will be 3/16" when used with a Steelcraft  "Z" astragal. If a wide inactive leaf is requested (no astragal) the gap between the doors will be...
Consider the Soss hinge like a butt hinge to determine the size of overhead that is needed.  For templating use the same mounting group as a 4" wide butt hinge and the appropriate door thickness.
Use mounting group 2 per templates below when a GJ 100 and 410 series overheads are used with continues hinges. 100 series overhead instructions 410 series overhead instructions
The 455 can be mounted on a 48" wide door, but we cannot guarantee that it will withstand the forces involved.  Recommend using 906 instead.