glass mounting kits von duprin


You can only use one GBK Glass Bead Kit (1/4") per device on fire rated openings. Glass Bead Kit is for use on doors with raised glass beads.
The Von Duprin CD kit comes with the cover plate machined to accept the cylinder dogging mortise cylinder.1 1/4" mortise cylinder with an inverted straight cam is required for CD option on Von Dupr...
Minimum dimensions to cutouts for glass lights: Vertical edge of door to edge of cutout = 5 29/32" Top of door to top of cutout = 6" Bottom of door to bottom of cutout = 10" Reinforcing chann...
Glass Light is a preparation in a door for view window, vision and/or glazing including glass stop and glazing bead and may also be refereed to as a lite. Doors are available with a wide variety o...
Back to back glass mounting is available on the 8103/8103EZ/8190 pull.  The glass version has a shorter screw and also either felt or rubber bumper.
Shim Kits, GBK,SK19R, SK18RMC, SK17RMC, SK19V, SK18V, SK17V
The 4040XP, 1260/1261, 1460/1461, 4030/4031 closers have the tri-pack mounting option when ordered with an Rw/PA or Hw/PA designation.