g series escutcheon dimensions


The Falcon MA Series escutcheon is roughly 8.15" tall x 2.28" wide x 0.37" thick.
  Schlage H-Series Escutcheons    Part Number  Description Dimension   07-057  Inside escutcheon and turn  6.92" x 2.75"  07-035  Inside escutcheon, dummy - H170  6.92" x 2...
Dimensions vary depending on the escutcheon. Flair inside trim, width 3.25" height 9.0"  OVAL SHAPED Meteor outside trim, width 3.00" height 8.0" Saturn inside trim, width 3.00" height 8.0"
The difference between the L and N escutcheons is the size and how they are manufactured. L Escutcheon: 8" x 1 3/4" x 7/16" (203mm x 44mm x 11mm) Cold-forged brass, bronze or stainless steel ...
Typically for a 1-3/4" door you would use a 1-1/4" cylinder.  Use the Table in the Pricebook for a reference:  
The 996EO trim is just the plate without the lever and cylinder hole
We have several blank trims listed in the price book to cover existing trim prep in door.  DEVICE EO TRIM   22  230EO  88  880EO   98/99  990EO or 996EO*  33A/35A Rim, 33/3...