Welded (SUA) frames: Welded frames are designed, manufactured and supplied with either square cut/notched corners or with (saw or die) miters and may or may not have connection tabs and slots. Thes...
Outside Knob/Lever and Rose/Escutcheon Assemblies      Part Number  Description    A Rose with Knob/Lever  09-506  Designs: 01 02 03 05 06 07 12 17 18 OME 41 42     09-655  Des...
The 1038G is not a closer number, but a cylinder casting number on all the 2030 series closers or a 5030 series closers.
The 4110 closer is handed, and will have an "RH" and "LH" on the casting next to the closer shaft. The regulating valves are going to be on the same side as the hand of the closer.
The 4210 and 4110 use the same door closer cylinder body. The 4210 is the security version of the 4110.
The 4041/4040XP and 4040SE closers cylinders are "NOT" the same. The 4041/4040XP cylinder has an adjustable size 1-6 spring. The 4040SE cylinder has an adjustable size 2-4 spring. The 4041/404...