flush panel adapter template


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The 419 panel adaptor is the replacement for both the obsolete 145 shoe, and 418 panel bracket (both were made obsolete in 2009). The 419 panel adaptor is 4" wide, 2" tall, and projects 3". ST-069...
The 4110 series closer is installed on a flush transom frame using the -419 flush panel adapter.
The 4040 XP CUSH/EDA can be mounted on a Flush Transom frame by using a -419 Flush Panel adapter.
Steel transom panels are available: 1 3/4" thick panels - supplied in L-Series (L20, L18 or L16-Series) laminated construction. Recommended down sizing is as follows: Without Transom Bar 3...
The following anchors are approve for use in FEMA Tornado Resistant openingsMasonry walls:Jamb anchors - Wire masonry anchorsSill (base) anchors - Adjustable base anchorsExisting walls:Jamb an...