flush bolt fire rating


ASTM E-119 is a test standard for walls, partitions and floor or roof systems: This test standard is also used for ceramic type glasses when used as window wall and/or borrowed light frames. ...
Installation should be 6" from bottom of the door. See attached templates as reference.  T-5494 for HM Doors W-5494 for Wood Doors
The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.
NON Fire Rated doors would use the 1609 strike applied to the inactive leaf with flushbolts.  This may NOT be used on Fire Rated openings.
The 296G is is not a model number but rather the UL listing number.
Ives SB360 surface bolt at top and bottom are the only flush bolts approved for use on H-Series hurricane FBC or NOA applications? The only approved latching hardware for inactive leaf of pairs w...
High Definition (High Def) door panel designs have deeper shadow lines than conventional CE-Series designs. CE-Series doors are available with optional High Definition (HD2 and HD2A) door panel de...