fllush bolt for transom


Ives SB360 surface bolt at top and bottom are the only flush bolts approved for use on H-Series hurricane FBC or NOA applications? The only approved latching hardware for inactive leaf of pairs w...
When using 98/9927 with flush transom above: You will need to use a 260U strike for flush transom applications OR a 260U-F strike for 98/9927-F fire rated device.
Steel transom panels are available: 1 3/4" thick panels - supplied in L-Series (L20, L18 or L16-Series) laminated construction. Recommended down sizing is as follows: Without Transom Bar 3...
The 4040 XP CUSH/EDA can be mounted on a Flush Transom frame by using a -419 Flush Panel adapter.
The 4110 series closer is installed on a flush transom frame using the -419 flush panel adapter.
The 296G is is not a model number but rather the UL listing number. This listing would be on many Ives Flush Bolts including; FB30 and FB40 series Automatic Flush Bolts FB50 and FB60 ...
NON Fire Rated doors would use the 1609 strike applied to the inactive leaf with flushbolts.  This may NOT be used on Fire Rated openings.