fire rated locknetics


As of October 2020, the NC450 does not have any specific fire rating.
Wire the Fire Alarm panel back to the “Control In” terminals on the Power Supply.  It needs to be a Normally-Closed dry contact from the Fire Alarm.
As of October 2020, the EGB-100 has no UL Listing or rating.
The 6223-FSE electric strike is fire rated for pairs of wood doors, but check with wood door manufacturer to see if they have been approved for this application.
AFL stands for "Auxiliary Fire Latch" on fire rated exit devices.
Fire Rated three (3) frames are available in the following maximum door opening sizes: F and FN-Series frame: 4' 0" X 10' 0" single door opening 8' 0" X 10' 0” double door opening MU-Ser...
Masonry T anchor are approved for fire rated frames up to 3 hours. T Anchors are shipped lose for field installation. Anchor construction: The T portion and the strap do have minimum dim...