falcon spring tube and adjustment picture


  How to:  What are the steps to adjust a door closer?   Facts: All LCN and FALCON door closers will have 3 regulating valves and a spring adjustment.  All cl...
Part of the closer assembly that contains the spring
Mechanical pre-loading of spring to adjust closing force
Yes, the spring torque on 3SP1 butt hinge is adjustable.   See the 3SP1 instructions:  
All the 2030 series closer have a fixed spring sizes. Example -- a 2031 has a size 1 spring,  a 2302 has a size 2 spring, 2033/2034/2035 etc. All the 2030 series closer are shipped at the weakest s...
Closers mounted according to LCN installation instructions require no periodic maintenance or seasonal adjustments.  Monthly, quarterly, and annual visual inspections are recommended for Fire/...