Falcon M Series


Only the lever return spring is available.
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As of June 2011 the electrified T locks can support 12 or 24 Volts.  You do not need to specify 12 or 24 when ordering since the solenoid is capable of either voltage out of the...
Prior to June 2011 the T lock only supported 24V and the electrical requirements were as follows: 0.185 amp @ 24VDC Wire Gage 22 AWG See wiring diagram here - (Previous 2 wire versi...
The dimension between the center of the deadbolt bore and the knobset bore is 4".  See template FH100 attached here for more dimensions.
Only the Schlage D-knob and ND products are available with an extra long backset.  The part number for backsets over 5"-42" is XC03-069, this part will ship as an extension link to b...
The hex dogging key size for all Falcon-Monarch exit devices is 7/32".
E, T, or H represents knob designs for the Falcon "X" series cylindrical lock. E = Elite T = Troy H = Hana