falcon floor closer arm template


Neither Dor-O-Matic or LCN manufacturers a floor closer. 
The Fusible Link arm is available with the 4010, 4020 and 4110 series closers. They all use the same Fusible Link arm. The UL Listing number is for the Fusible Link arms is R1943. The 4010 Serie...
The LCN 4010SE / 4110 SE series are obsolete, and on longer available. They were replaced by the 4040SE series. The 4010SE / 4110 SE track is replaced with the current 4040SE trac...
The 4040XP/4041 Cush and HCush (Hold Open Cush) use the same instructions / template.
Max. reveal for a 4642: 4640 Regular arm -- 4.5" 4640 Long arm -- 8" 4640 x ST-3088 ( custom made - extra long rod) -- 8" to 11" No special mounting instructions required, just standard templ...
The dead stop post would need to be removed and the 4040/4040XP EDA mounting template for 180° would be followed.
It would be unnecessary to use the CNS/Cush arm and the Glynn Johnson overhead devices in the same application, both mechanisms stop the door.
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