The 8200 can not supply the power needed on an EL dev ice. The EL device requires a Von Duprin PS914-2RS or PS914-4RL power supply or the older Von Duprin PS873-2 or PS873-4TD models.
 Electric latch retraction, EL, devices are only available in 24VDC.
Following items could cause the DC output on PS914 series power supply to drop when access control is activated. Wrong gauge wire from power supply to the the power transfer. Excessive wire run...
Yes, part numbers for Falcon electric latch retraction EL conversion kits are as follows: 650147 for a 3' device. 650148 for a 4' device. 
This option is not available as the solenoid is in the mechanism case where the dogging components would go.  An HD-EL solenoid is not available, and Special Dogging(SD) is not an optio...
The resistance readings for a Falcon 24 or 25 Series EL solenoid should read;Green to Yellow = Pull Coil, should measure between 1 and 2 ohms of resistance. Green to Orange = Hold Coil, s...