Falcon cylinder for Von Duprin inverted


The cam is not inverted on the mortise cylinder for the CD option.
 A 1 1/4" cylinder with straight cam is required for the Von Duprin SD (Special Dogging) exit device option.
The cylinder cam must be inverted with the SD option to work properly.
Von Duprin KR (key removable) mullions requires a 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with the standard straight cam, the cam is not inverted. Please see chart below for part numbers. 
Part numbers for Schlage and Falcon cylinders for Von Duprin devices are listed below. (KIL = Key In Lock) SCHLAGE   Mortise Rim KIL ...
FALCON   Mortise Rim KIL Conventional 986 x #4 cam 951 A23165-02 Small Format Housing C987...
If unclear whether mortise, rim, or key-in-lever is needed, reference links below to determine what cylinder type is needed.  In order to determine cylinder type needed,  you must first k...
The Von Duprin CD kit comes with the cover plate machined to accept the cylinder dogging mortise cylinder.1 1/4" mortise cylinder with an inverted straight cam is required for CD option on Von Dupr...
To convert the Von Duprin 360L/TL from nightlatch to classroom or from classroom to nightlatch invert mortise cylinder cam.
The thread spec on Schlage and Falcon mortise cylinders is 1.150 x 32