falcon alarm kit timer


The Exit Alarm takes a 1 1/8" Mortise cylinder with a straight cam. See first page of Exit Alarm inst below. Exit Alarm inst
PCB only for the Alarm Kits prior to June 11th, 2012 is part #650335 and was used in the older 17 & 18 devices, 19, & pre June 2012 24/25's.
This circuit board will NOT work on the updated 24/25 Alarm Kits that released June 11th, 2012.
The part number for the solenoid air valve in the 7900 Series control boxes are: 7901/ES7901 - part# 941 - marked A 7902(S)/ES7902(S) - part# 942 - (2 valves) marked A and B 7949/ES7949 - part...
ALK, Battery Alarm Kit, ALK Alarm Kit
The current draw of a Von Duprin exit alarm ALK is .25 amp when alarm is activated.
Exit alarm ALK operates with 9VDC battery and doesn't required a power supply.If you choose to hard wire the exit alarm ALK use the PS902 power supply.Exit alarm ALK requires 24VDC regulated power ...