Falcon / adamsrite latch


The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.
There is no EL conversion kit for a 2390, the device will need to be replaced.
The resistance readings for a Falcon 24 or 25 Series EL solenoid should read;Green to Yellow = Pull Coil, should measure between 1 and 2 ohms of resistance. Green to Orange = Hold Coil, s...
 Electric latch retraction, EL, devices are only available in 24VDC.
There is no conversion kit to add EL or ED to an existing 1690 or 1790 series device. All of the components are built into the device, since the device does not have a separate baseplate.&n...
First,  make sure the device is being tested while it is mounted to the door with trim installed.   (Testing the device on the bench may show behaviors that will not occur once the d...