exit device keyed alike


Von Duprin does not supply cylinders keyed alike.   Cylinders keyed alike are available from Schlage and Falcon.
You can have your locks keyed alike by a locksmith, or hardware store. If ordering online, some retailers, such as build.com,  offer the "keyed alike" or "key code" option. If you want to use ...
You have a few different options to get all of your locks keyed alike. The first is to order form Build.com, they have any option to key your order alike at checkout for no extra charge. If you're ...
No, cores, especially master keyed cores, have to be ordered from Schlage or Falcon cylinders  via their master key system.
Hex key dogging is not a standard with the Von Duprin EL or QEL option.  HD-EL or HD-QEL must be ordered to have the Hex Dogging option with electric latch retraction.