exit device for use on exterior gate


Most Panic devices are not designed for exterior applications. As with any mechanical device, exposure to the elements may affect the operation and life of the device and/or finish an...
Exit alarm ALK devices are not recommended for exterior application. We do not offer water proof exit alarm ALK devices.
- AD Series and CO series products require that the Night Latch (NL) screw is installed in the exit device.  Be sure this screw is installed- Exit hardware and strike must be properly mounted ...
Electric strikes are not water proof an not recommended for exterior application especially gates.
The 6000 series electric strikes are commonly used on exterior doors but they are not waterproof and are NOT recommended for outside such as on a gate with no protection from the elements.
The Von Duprin 98/99EO exit devices will accept any of the exterior trims that we offer for 98/99 exit devices without any extra parts. 996L, 996L-NL, 996L-DT, 996L-BE, 990NL, 990DT, and 110NL a...