exit device centerline


Center line of the 45H mortise lock and center line of the 6211 electric strike are the same.  (both on the same center line)
See below for commonly requested dimensions on the MA lock.  Dimensions not found in other literature have a square around them. CL refers to "Centerline".  
These dimensions and other general lock case dimensions can be found on template L1.  
Standard 98/9947 works on 1 3/4"- 2 1/4" thick door.
The backset for a 98/99 rim PANIC device with 1609 strike is 2 3/8" from center of the opening to center line of the device. See template
The backset is 2 3/4" from edge of door to the center line of the device and strike. The preparation for the WS98/99 strike must be specified when placing order for the frame.
The 6111 electric strike can be used only on non rated openings less bottom rod with pullman top latch (use ES prefix when ordering device). Device back set will change to match the centerline of t...
Not for use in fire rated openings.
The Von Duprin 6111 electric strike would work with DOM 1790 device on medium style doors Centerline of the 1790 device mounting screws are located 1 11/16" from face of stop. See d...
The centerline of 6223 is the same as the centerline of the mortise latch bolt.  So the centerline of the mortise latch bolt or center line of the 6223 is 15/32" above the centerline of the device.
Mounting Location
The 600/700 Series EPT Template shows recommended locations based on the standard sizes, The customer can provide a different dimension measured from the top of the hinge to the Cen...
The CS210 has a patented center-to-center adjustment that will switch from the standard 4" door prep to 5-1/2".  Only these two dimensions are available.
The minimum top and bottom butt hinge locations are as follows: To the hinge centerline: 4 1/2" and 5" hinges = 5 3/8" is the minimum location from top of door to centerline of the first hi...